The Story of a Treasure Hunter Just Began

Jah People Entertainment is a movement that is designed to inspire the new generation of our time , don’t stop thinking and putting things to work gradually ……

I knows it’s hard to face it but with good faith and determination nothing is unachievable .

Start where you are with what you have little drop of water makes a mighty ocean , for Jah People Entertainment music is our mean tool of winning souls , don’t forget that you can never have a future without a picture , it’s high time we start adding value to all black personalities , because it’s the only way we can achieve all our dreams , Black is beautiful , creative , brave and bold enough to rule the world ,

the only way we can achieve all this is love , let’s show love , help one another in need , because it’s the only way we can cross the invisible line
And let’s stop using the language “is not my business” ,

because I’m you and you are me I see myself in you , self-centered people dies along with their names while lovely people leaves their legacy behind ,

I’m for peace , love and humility . So take a bold step today and join the move we are not leaving anyone behind , Jah People Entertainment we love you . Don’t forget that we showcase the unveil talents …….

Jah People Entertainment: Message from the youngest C.E.O (Bigertinz)

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